Integration Testing

Once all the individual units are created and tested, we start combining those tested modules and start performing the integrated testing. The main goal here is to test the interfaces between the units/modules.

Our Simple but Robust Solution towards Integration Testing:

  • Prepare the test integration plan
  • Decide on the type of integration testing approach
  • Design test cases, test scenarios and test scripts accordingly
  • Deploy the chosen modules together and get the integration tests running
  • Track the defects and record the test results of tests

Repeat the above steps until the complete system is tested


                Incremental Approach

Incremental Testing is performed by connecting two or more modules together that are logically related. Later more modules are added and tested for proper functionality. This is done until all the modules are integrated and tested successfully. Using Top Down / Bottom Up / Sandwich testing method

                Big Bang Approach

In this testing approach, once all the modules are developed and tested individually, they are integrated once and tested together at once. The only advantage of this type of testing is that it is very much suitable for smaller systems. Using Top Down / Bottom Up / Sandwich testing method